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CCD: how it works

Perhaps for most of you who are familiar with imaging technology, the CCD is one of the first topics and concepts that you learned about. However this video explains how a CCD works in a very neat and simple way. The CCD (charge-coupled device) is the heart and soul of many digital cameras, turning incoming photons into a charge that the impressively complex processor inside can convert into an image. What makes the CCD so impressive is it’s rather ingenious solutions to problems such as interference (no wires, just a shift register) and color reproduction (pixel-sized filters and a hue-flattening algorithm).

Bill Hammack takes apart a digital camera and explains how it captures images using a CCD (charge coupled device). He also shares how a single CCD is used with a color filter array to create colored images.

This video is based on a chapter from the EngineerGuy team’s latest book Eight Amazing Engineering Stories. To buy this book on Amazon, click on the following link

Eight Amazing Engineering Stories: Using the Elements to Create Extraordinary Technologies





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