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Let me tell you the case! I had a Nokia cell phone a few years ago, and I had a neat tidy set of contacts of all old friends there… And I have a pretty running Gmail account that has lots of pals included with a tidy contact list (emails and home addresses mostly)  that accumulates by time. I moved to another country and I have an iPhone and add new contacts to it as I stumble upon new people. The Facebook itself is a new player in the field of contacts and surges data into iPhone… Now who will merge that mess into one place?

Exporting data from old Symbian cellphones e.g N81) is by connecting them to computer, and searching Contacts folder and copying the *.VCF files into your hard drive. If you want to import these contacts to Gmail, you should import them one by one using this instruction:


This is a time-consuming tedious work that take too much time. So the next question is that is there a way to import multiple vCards to Gmail contacts manager. The answer according to this forum is  to concatenate all the VCFs in to a single file. In windows run a command prompt (Windows_Key + R  –> run: cmd ),  change to the directory where all your VCFs are stored and finally run this command :

copy   /B   *.vcf   all_in_one.vcf

Then just upload the “all_in_one.vcf” file to google and it will grab all your contacts in one go. Then in Gmail contacts under “more” menu choose “find & merge duplicates”. Now your Gmail contacts are merged well enough.

In order to sync Gmail contacts to phone, in the Setting, choose Contacts, Calenders blah blah, but you should use Mircrosoft Exchange  option. As counter-intuitive as it appears. Read the whole procedure here.

And now you have a populated neat contact list on your iPhone, you can synch it with your iCloud as well and then sync it with Gmail again. The steps are simple and explained here. Now you have online and offline backups of  all your organised contacts.

By the way, take a look at the Google Sync service.




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