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Kinda Academic Guy, loving AI and Robotics, good at Research and Idea Generating… Well-Rounded and Easy-Going…

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As a childhood dream, I always loved to design a robot and become powerful and famous and on the other hand I loved outer space and dream of exploring other planets. These are my main topics of my childhood drawings and paintings and I even won some contests for my fantasies in drawing robots. Now as an adult, I find Japan the utopia of my dreams, a nation with robots mixed with their strong ancient culture and advancing rapidly in this area. I believe that home robot revolution is inevitable and the science fiction stories about having at least one robot as a part of family members is more near than it appears and I want to be a part of this movement which Japanese are its leaders. I’m an ambitious person, and have lots of ideas, fantasies and visions that I believe will be realized soon in a cultural and scientific society of Japan. My proper type of job, as I found so far is educational and research ones which matches my goals in life too. I’m planning my steps in life to become a famous, well-mannered and wise professor so I can conduct researches of my interest and draw investments to the inevitable robotics revolution. I love to train students and researchers as I proved to be a good speaker and lecturer and willing to teach whatever I know to others beside my good communication and interpersonal abilities. I plan to author many books and publications since I have fine writing skills and being enthusiastic to Japanese language, I will translate many books to/from Japanese because the scientific literature in Japanese is highly enriched and needs to be exported but seems inadequate in some specific topics as I consulted with my aunt’s husband, a professor in Gifu university. I wish to have some discoveries in the human brain and robotics and luckily outer space (via robotics). These are not possible without living in peace, concentrating on research and working with expert teams that I believe acquiring a good scholarship and entering a well-known Japanese university, like Kyoto University, can fulfill my dreams.


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